Sunday, September 30, 2007

"What's Gonna Work...Teamwork"

Anna favorite, favorite TV show is Wonder Pets. She wants me to "push butts" and change it to Wonder Pets all the time. They only come on a couple of times in the morning and and now that they have switched around the line-ups on all the channels, it comes on at the same time Elmo's World comes on Sesame Street. So we have a choice to make every morning. She almost always chooses Wonder Pets. It must be the animal lover in her.

(I have a cute picture but the stupid thing wouldn't let me upload it. I think my camera surpasses my computer in many ways...)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Mommy, it's messy."

Eventhough our house is on the market (for the rest of our lives), the house is still never clean. It may be clean for a couple of hours, but then Anna needs to drag out everything, laundry needs to be done, and dinner has to be cooked. So then, since we live in every square inch of this house, it's a disaster again. Yesterday, Anna was walking through the kitchen while I was doing some dishes (really, I was!). I heard her say, "Mommy, it's messy." I then heard the pantry door open and looked up to see her with the broom sweeping the floor! Now that's just sad if an almost 2 year old decides it's bad enough that she needs to help out. Hey, at least someone is pulling some weight around here! HA!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Just open your purse..."

Alright, you don't have to tell me (again) how bad of a blogger I am. I have no excuses as usual...

But here's a funny story. Today we went to church. We were going to be adventurous and go to the first service and then visit a class when we'd usually be in the second service. So, as usual, we woke up just past when we needed to to make the first service and ended up being late to the second service. That's all beside the point of this story... So for some reason I got Anna ready before I got ready. She was dressed with her hair fixed and everything. She played around while Daddy played on the computer and I got ready. Daddy put Anna in the car and I put my makeup on on the way (another typical thing). We took Anna to her class to play and went into church. Afterwards, Daddy went to pick Anna up from her class and I followed after being stopped to chat. As Daddy and I met in the hallway full of people mingling and picking up kids, Daddy quietly asked me to open my purse. I looked at him like, "why?" He said "Just open your purse....I have a certain undergarment that needs to go into your purse without others seeing." I looked at him like he was crazy but opened my purse. He dropped a wadded up sports bra into my purse. Of course I had to ask where in the world that came from. He said that the woman teaching Anna's class found it on Anna while changing her diaper. !!??? WHAT?? Apparently she had slipped it on and pulled it up under her dress where we never saw it. Whenever there is laundry sitting around the house (always) she tends to play dress up with whatever she finds...and many times it's my undergarments....clean ones of course. Ha! So I know when Daddy picked Anna up and was also handed a bright teal colored sports bra he was totally embarrassed. I think it could have been MUCH worse, but it's still pretty hilarious. Anna never acted like anything was different. I just hope there weren't teal straps hanging out the bottom of her army green dress while we walked in this morning ...and we never had a clue. We'll be checking her for "extra clothing" next time we go anywhere. And maybe I'll put up the laundry more often!