Friday, May 22, 2009

Work it.

Who wouldn't kill for hair like that?

We have issues.

Poor Grey...once again.  We have two kids that are polar opposites in lots of things.  One big difference between the two of them is their skin.  Anna has beautiful skin.  It's got a milky-ness with just a touch of olive tone.  She doesn't burn too easily, but still can.  She has her dad's skin.  To bad she may be an oil factory when she hits puberty.  Grey, on the other hand, has someone else's skin.  I suppose it comes from my side of the family, as does that strawberry blonde hair.  He has very bad eczema.  Bad.
You can probably count on one hand the number of times I've called our pediatrician for illnesses in the entire lives of both kids.  Granted our amazing Dr. Liz (a fab pediatrician herself and a college of my pediatrician) has come to the rescue for minor things.  I called our pedi about this a couple of days ago.  He called in a perscription.  I called back and said, "nope, we're coming in for this."  I knew there was not much we could do for it other than give him some meds and hope the episode passes soon, but I just wanted him to see it for himself.  We went in and he confirmed that it was a pretty bad case and gave him some stronger, and hopefully more effective meds.  Grey gets an oral steriod, a daily dose of Allegra, and a twice a day treatment of a "high powered" ointment on his many areas.  I can almost predict his episodes...he runs on a two week rotation.  Just when I think it's almost gone, it flares up again.  He frantically starts to scratch and rub.  For this particular episode, he had bloody open sores on almost every part of his body; the back of his neck, inside of his elbows, wrists, belly, back of his knees, tops of his feet, and his face was beginning to break out.  Bad.  I took these shots so that I could give the doc something just in case we didn't get in until after the episode passed.  The areas actually look pretty good because he in the bath most of the green-ish yellow crust and ooze and blood have been washed off.  

Another issue: allergies.  I asked about allergy testing and the doc said that it really isn't necessary.  He may grow out of many of the allergies by the time he's about 3 and it would be useless torture for him.  I just wanted to know to be able to avoid things that could trigger discomfort.  I can see why it would not to helpful though.  Grey is allergic to dogs.  We've been to a couple of houses where dogs have lived and this is the result (his red eyes).  Thankfully, this is the only result so far.  The doc was very encouraging and always makes me feel like I'm doing as much as I can to help, whatever the circumstance.  But he said that the eczema could last a while, but maybe only a couple of years.  We'll keep our fingers crossed and try to keep him as comfortable as possible.  I'm thankful that this is the only issue he has since it could be SO much worse.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Start, Curl, Press!"

We're starting pole vault practice early.  This is a broken pole vault pole what we used to practice with back in the good ol' days of college.  I still have it for some reason.  Grey picked it up and was (slowly) chasing Anna with it and beating on things...  Typical Grey (boy) behavior.  But then he started to do this!  I didn't catch the "curl" phase, but this, my friends, is the perfect high, early plant.  In non-pole vault language, this is good pole vault form.  I promise I didn't teach him to do this, and I'm glad I caught it on camera!  Coach Hood, you would be proud.  Although you may notice that he's doing it all backwards!!!  (meaning that Grey is going it right handed, and I was a lefty.)  HA!

Sorry these are sideways... not intentional.

Anna's sunglasses.

Grey thinks it's hilarious to wear sunglasses.  I think he's hilarious when he put them on too.

My fish tacos.

(photo taken by my third child)
This is SUCH a good summer recipe.  I have been trying to figure out a good fish taco recipe for a long time...or at least after I had them at The Cheesecake Factory.  Mine aren't quite as good as those, but close.  ;)  Some of you may have the old fish taco recipe, but this one is better and easier.

--4 (or more) Tortilla & Lime Crusted Tilapia fillets (you can get them frozen at Wal-Mart, and sometimes individually at the grocery store fish area place)
--1/4 c sour cream
--1/4 c Miracle Whip (I use the light)
--1 T Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning
--1/8 c Lawrey's Baja Chipotle marinade (liquid, in the bottle)
--1 package California Slaw or Broccoli Slaw (it's a small bag usually near the bagged salads)
--1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
--thinly sliced purple onion
--thinly sliced avocado
--fresh cilantro leaves
--thinly sliced tomatoes (if you want)
--corn tortillas (yellow corn tortillas are the best)

Bake tilapia according to directions (or about 15-20mins at 350 degrees).  I usually cook until almost done then broil it to make it extra crispy for about 5 minutes.  To make the slaw dressing while fish is baking, combine the sour cream, Miracle Whip, marinade, and seasoning in a small bowl.  In another larger bowl add the California slaw.  Add the dressing a couple of tablespoons at a time to get the desired dressing-ness for your slaw.  I don't like the slaw smothered, and keep lots of extra dressing to top on the tacos.  Next prepare your veggies and toppings as you like.  We normally don't heat the black beans, but you can if you want.  Heat corn tortillas.  When tilapia is ready, pull it out and cut into strips.  We usually cut as we make the tacos.  Pile on the fish and toppings as high as you want!  If you happen to add too much "filling", you can double your tortilla.  :)  They are SO fresh, so light, and SO good.  :)

--I sort of guesstimated on the dressing ingredient amounts.  I don't ever measure, but I usually use the same proportions.  :)  Serve with margaritas and Enjoy!

--You can also use plain tilapia filets.  I would marinate them in the Baja Chipotle marinade and grill them or cook them in a skillet.  :)

My third child.

and my latest reading material. 

The famous last pics...  These are some of the last pictures my rebel took before being sent off to Canon for a tune up and cleaning.  Until next time my friend.  I think it's sort of sad the she had to take pictures of her replacement, then sit in a small, dark, and completely bubble-wrapped box for the next few days...  It's really a weird relationship that we had...

Monday, May 04, 2009

A dress exchange.

Anna: Is my dress on it's way to Megan's house?
Me: Yep.  We put it in a box and sent it off.
Anna: Why does she need that dress? Why can't we just take it to her house?
Me: She is a flower girl in a wedding just like you were and needed a dress.  Her house is far away.
Anna: Did she think my dress was pretty too?
Me: Yes.
Anna: I think Megan needs to send me a dress too because she has lots and lots of dresses.
Me: No she doesn't need to send you one.  You have PLENTY of dresses yourself.  
Anna: Is she gonna send my dress back?
Me: I don't know.  You don't need it anymore, so it doesn't really matter.
Anna: Well, I think I need her to send me her red Snow White dress because I really need it...  no, I really want it.
Me: She does not need to send you a dress.
Anna: Uh huh!  I need...  I want that red Snow White dress and Megan has it.  She has lots of dresses and we put my dress in a box and sent it to her house and she can put the red Snow White dress in a box and send it to me!  That's what I need.... that's what I want.
Me:  She will not send you the red Snow White dress.  And you definitely don't NEED it, or any other dresses.
Anna: No, but I want it.

Friday, May 01, 2009

A can of worms...

Anna had  a whole dollar bill and lots of change in her sock purse.  She has been saving for something for a while now.  She finally figured out what she was saving it all for.  Ice cream from the ice cream truck.  She only recently realized (either after we or friends told her) what the truck with the loud music really was.  I was reluctant open that can of worms and tell her in fear that she's ask every day to have ice cream, even though she is very good at taking "no" for an answer.  I just thought I wouldn't torture her more by tell her "no" almost every time she asked.  Sad and probably a little mean, I know.  At any rate, she knows the ice cream man well now.  She was proud to hand over her dollar to get the neopolitan ice cream sandwich she selected that cost $1.50.  
She and Daddy waited for a long time for the ice cream man to drive down our street, then at the intersection (below), he turned the other way... so they had to wait a little longer.
Daddy's fudge bar, and that gross neopolitan sandwich.  She loved every last bite.  I took lots of shots of her enjoying her sandwich and thought they uploaded.  They didn't...and I erased my card thinking they did...  Dang.