Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lately with Anna, it's been all about birthday parties and Christmas.  The only reason I can think of is because Grey's birthday is coming up and she has watched some movies/shows recently about birthday parties and presents.  Since everything is about her of course, she likes to tell me the plans for these upcoming events...even though they are not so "upcoming."

Anna: Mommy, you totally forgot something for Christmas.
Me: What did we forget?
Anna: I nebber got my Peter Pan movie or my binoculars!
Me: Didn't you ask for those after Christmas had already passed?
Anna: No, just the Peter Pan movie after Christmas...but I still need my binoculars.
Me: Why do you need binoculars?
Anna: I need them to look far far away to Nana's house to see what she's doing.  And then I can lay down under a tree and look at birds with them.  
Me: Then what?
Anna: Then I can watch my Peter Pan movie with my binoculars!
Me: Then what?
Anna: Then we can have a party just for me! And I can get presents!  Mom, my birthday is coming UP and I need to have some cake and a fairy party for me!  
Me: Well, your birthday is very far away and Christmas is even further.
Anna: oh.

Monday, February 23, 2009

That horse...

Here is Anna on the horse when she was Grey's age.  She was actually 9 months in the one taken outside in the grass.  She was a little older, maybe 11 months, in the ones where she's surfing.  Grey has a ways to go when it comes to mastering that horse....

My new camera...

 My new camera came in the mail Saturday!  Sort of.  It came in the form of an escrow refund check.  Now if I can only convince J that it REALLY IS a camera and not something else.  :)  If you can squint my eyes a little....  I'll let you know how that one works out.  It's not the mother of all cameras, but it's a VERY nice upgrade from what I have now.  And what I have now is pretty nice.  :)  I may be selling it if I can the convincing is a success.
50d_1 50d_2

Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Miss Immune System.

If they had a pageant for who has the best immune system, Anna would win.  Yesterday, I got a little bit of cabin fever (it doesn't take long) and we loaded up in the car and drove around to scout out places for photo shoots.  I really like doing this and it usually takes me to places in and around town that I've never been before...even though I've lived here pretty much my whole life.  So we went to get the car inspected, went to Sonic, then away we went.  Anna fell asleep after a little while and I just kept stuffing Grey with graham crackers.  We had been out for about 45 minutes when Anna woke up and was complaining about her throat hurting...a normal occurrence.  We headed home soon after that and she began with an inconsolable cry.  As we pulled into the garage, I got out and opened her door.  She immediately threw up everywhere, then again, then again, then again.  You should have seen Grey's face.  Of course, Anna freaked completely out after that.  We got her undressed in the garage and into the tub.  She was sick until about 8-9pm when she finally crashed, slept the entire night, and woke up completely normal.  A four hour stomach bug.  The last time she had it, it lasted only about 4 hours as well.  I wish I had that kind of immune system...I mean, I know she still got the bug, but she can lick it in no time.  It's the same with just about any other sickness.  Now Grey on the other hand...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Rocking Horse.

These are all pretty similar, I posted them all because I liked the slight differences in their facial expressions.  

I have a many pictures of Anna on this rocking horse.  There is one that I put on her first birthday invitation and thought it would be fitting to try Grey on the horse and see what happened.  Of course, since it's all about Anna, she had to join in as well, which was fine.  I was just mainly seeing what Grey would do on the horse and to give him a little practice just in case I decided to actually take him somewhere neater than our entry way or backyard to take his picture on the horse.  I stuck Grey on the horse and Anna jumped on right behind him and helped him stay on.  Grey thought it was pretty fun.  I kept telling Anna to stay on and help Grey stay on since I knew he's not coordinated enough to just sit there yet.  (Anna was surfing on this thing when she was Grey's age!  Funny the difference between girls and boys...or at least mine.)  After I was done taking some pictures, Anna tried to be funny and slide off the back of the horse.  As she slid off the back, Grey slid off the side and hit his head on the bookshelf.  I didn't get shots of the aftermath.

This one's a little out of focus, but still cute.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor Grey.

He's like a Barbie head that just happens to have a body...or at least Anna thinks so.  She was "braiding" his hair yesterday.  There will be a day when he gets real sick of this.

Monday, February 16, 2009

This is a good one...

Bad Mommy Moments
When I have some time, I want to read some other, more recent posts on this blog.  :)
I was probably a version of this about 5 years ago.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

For Granna Jodi.

Before Christmas, Anna and I went to visit our cousins, Megan and her mom and dad.  I have a couple of good pictures from the visit, but was lazy about posting them.  Megan's mom is MUCH better at staying on top of things like that.  :)  Anna had a blast there and played with Megan the entire time.  Megan has one of the best princess wardrobes that Anna had ever seen and she thought she was in Heaven.  Anna usually picked out one specific dress to wear while we were there.  It was one that was hand made by Megan's Granna Jodi.  It was a long, dark pink dress.  Anna took great care of it while she was there and carried each side of the dress with her fingers as she walked so that it would not drag the ground.  She LOVED it.  Word got back to Granna Jodi about how much Anna loved the dress and she got the things together to make Anna a dress like the one she wore at Megan's house.  Granna Jodi is a miracle worker.  It came just in time for Christmas.  Anna had been asking for a Cinderella dress for Christmas.  That's just about the only thing she wanted, and she made sure everyone else knew that was on her list.  

When Anna opened this dress on Christmas morning, the first thing she said once she put it on was, "Oh, it's beautiful!!  Now I can marry a PRINCE!"  J and I looked at each other with that look that could only follow a comment like that...  We were also amazed that someone not even related to us and someone we had not even MET in person (or at least in a really long time) could have set aside time during Christmas to make such a wonderful gift.  Nana got her some "glass" slippers that match to complete the ensemble.

I have been wanting to take Anna out for a photo shoot with her in her dress so Granna Jodi can see how much Anna likes the dress.  We went out yesterday.  I had to wake Anna up since she'd fallen asleep in the car on the way to my "spot."  Thanks SO much Granna Jodi!  She loves it!  And sorry this has taken so long.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anna the photographer.

This was a complete "impulse buy" on my part.  We were at Wal-Mart standing in line and Anna found this little camera in the "impulse buy" section by the register.  She's pretty accustomed to not getting the stuff she asks for and doesn't ask that much anymore.  But this time I actually asked HER if she wanted it before she asked me!  I just stuck it up on the roller belt thing and paid for it.  She has been GLUED to it since then.  She "takes pictures" of everything.  It's SO funny to watch her take these pretend pictures.  She gets up close, tells what ever she's taking a picture of what to do, tilts her camera purposefully, and moves around to get the good shot.  It's great.  I don't have ANY idea where she gets that stuff.  HA!  It sort of makes me laugh at myself a little...ok a lot.  

The night we got the camera, a funny thing happened.  After we got home from the store we needed to get ready for bed.  Grey decided to leave a present in his diaper for Daddy and he was about to change it.  Anna has always been fascinated by poopy diapers...weird, and of course since it's Anna, it's a little sick too.  She jumped up as soon as she realized that there may be a poopy diaper.  She said, "Oh!  I'm gonna come see the poop AND take a picture of it!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is Mama Baechtel. She was my last (great) grandparent who lived an extraordinary life. She passed away last night at a little after 1am. She was 101 years old. I hope I live life the way she did. She was hilarious, optimistic (most of the time), bold, sarcastic, easy-going, beautiful, and loving woman who always told everyone she had a bad case of "prolonged habitation." Mama, say "Hi" to Papa for us!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Good mornings.

Me: Good Morning Grey! Where's your sister?

Me: Oh! There she is! She was hiding in your bed! I thought I heard her talking to you on the monitor...

Anna: Mommy, take a picture of me upside down!
Grey: Hey can you get me out?

Anna: Mom, did you get it?!
Grey: Will someone please just get me out?

Anna: Mom, lemme give Grey a kiss and you can take a picture.

Grey: Ok, if no one is going to get me out and feed me, then I'll eat this cage.

Me: Ok, give your brother a hug and look at me.
Grey: If I do this, then will you get me out?

Me: ...and again!

Grey: Ok woman, get off me.

Anna the artist.

Here is some of Anna's latest artwork. She's concentrating on mixed media sculpture.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just for me.

I found the coolest office supply place online called Paper-Source. Some things are pretty ridiculous in price, but everything is to me, so whatever. But they have the cutest stuff. These file folders were definitely made just for me!

And everyone needs an eraser that says "holy crap." They had another one that had a rather explicit word, but I refrained.

And of course, the cat pencil sharpener. You can only imagine where the pencil goes.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


SAM'S now has my kettle corn! In BIG bags! Not the kind that you might need a flatbed trailer for, but one that you easily strap in your passenger side seat with the seat belt. They say that it's one of the best "snacks"...whole grain, no trans fat, etc... but not if you eat the entire bag at one time.

All you cyclists out there...


I have a new website for you. It's called Fat Cyclist and even if you don't ride, and especially if you know someone who does, it's pretty fun to read. He gives away cool stuff too. This meal ticket wasn't one of the thing he gave away, I just thought it was cool. I found it on The Pioneer Woman blog.

Silliness while we wait.

We were sitting in the car waiting for Dad to get off work yesterday. We needed to go do a brief photo shoot for a magazine article that he will be featured in. I was playing with my camera and borrowed "glass" to keep busy. Poor Grey is sick again. He's really fine, it's just a very snotty nose that I can't keep up with and a bad croupy cough. I think you can see the shiny snot trail from his nose to his mouth in this picture. At least he's still pretty happy most of the time! :) And Anna was fascinated by the man walking around in front of us while we waited. He was a fertilizer guy that was spraying something on the grass. She said he looked like a cowboy with his green boots and green shiny gloves. I'm not sure what kind of cowboy that is... She waved at him and he didn't see her to wave back. She watched him for 30 minutes (yes, we were in the car that long) and told him she loved him and didn't want him to go. Of course (thankfully) we had the windows up and he didn't hear her. Creepy.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another nighttime conversation.
Tonight I was laying in bed with Anna chatting about the day. We were talking about faces and why we have two eyes, one nose, and two holes in our noses. The flashlight was the only light that was on in her room and it was stuck between us as we faced each other. So it lit up our faces from underneath. I held my hand up to look at my palm in the light...

Anna: Mom, your hands are sparkly.
Me: Yep, I bet your hands sparkle too.
Anna: (She stuck her hand up the the light). Nope, not like your hands.
Me: Well, maybe that's because I have older hands than you do. Your hands are much smoother.
Anna: I'm old.
Me: But I'm much older than you.
Anna: I'm old for puppies!