Friday, January 25, 2008


We've attitude in full-force today.  Well, yesterday Anna had the biggest meltdown ever when I dropped her off at Parent's Day Out.  She screamed and kicked and yelled, "NO!" at everything her teachers threw at her.  She wanted no part of anything they were doing.  I stood out of site for a few minutes and then just told Sandy, the head of PDO, to call me when they get sick of her.  I figured I'd hear back pretty soon.  I called about an hour later and they told me that she had finally stopped the fit.  She usually never throws big fits like that.  She has been mad or sad and cried before, but only for just a few minutes...usually stopping before I leave.  She's never done this.  I just felt horrible for making her teachers put up with such drama.  They don't get paid enough for that.  No one does...  I SURE DON'T!  Ha!  Anyway...  Today, Anna came into our bedroom where I was on the computer to tell me she had "an assident in her panties."  Another very rare thing, but in the last 2 days not so much.  So we went to the bathroom to change clothes and I told her to sit on the potty.  Of course, that was NOT what she wanted to do.  In fact, all she wanted to do was to disagree with me.  We went back and forth like we were both 2 years old, and then I tried to play with her and switch around her answers...  She'd say no, then I'd say no instead of yes to try to confuse her into saying yes, etc.  Finally she said, "Mommy, you say 'YES' and I say 'NO'!"  I thought, "seriously...has it come to this?"  She really just wanted to disagree with whatever I said.  So I told her not to wipe her bottom after she went to the potty, and she did.  Then I told her not to put her panties and clothes on, and she did...etc.  I was so ticked off and really hoped that it didn't last forever.  I wasn't going to have to play "opposite day" for the rest of my life.  So I finally left her alone and she cheered up and decided that she'd be a normal kid.  Or at least normal for Anna.  We only had a couple more crazy fits after that.  Did I mention that I will need medication soon?  The kind that comes in a liquid form in a tall bottle with a cork in the top...but that'll have to wait at least another month.  :(

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't call CPS...

I have about HAD it with Anna's little routine of running into our room multiple time at night.  I'm not sure I ever slept last night since it was about midnight when she finally went to sleep.  Then of course, about every hour after that she was coming into our room screaming or whining about wanting something....once a "kleenex for my boogies", another time she said her finger hurt.  Give me a break.  I don't sleep well anyway now that I'm getting fatter by the minute and I'd really like Anna to realize that she can stay in her room without getting out of bed for the entire night.  She has done it before for short stretches of time, but she usually comes into our room wanting something at least once.  I told her last night at about 4am that I was about to lock in her room if she didn't stay in bed.  I'm getting a little terrified of the near future when I'll have to put up with 2 kids that don't sleep.  You may see me in rehab and/or the psych ward with Britney soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fit for a Queen.


This new house we have is great all around, but the main thing that sold me were the bathrooms. When you have only one small one for three people to share, it gets pretty tight, dirty quickly, and well, you just get sick of it. I've posted some things about poor Anna having to get hosed down in the tub-less shower or having to take a bath in her very small toddler tub. There was no room for the girl to sit back, relax, and soak off a hard day of playing. :) But of course, she really didn't care or know the difference. But the "NEW HOUSE" as she always calls hasn't become "home" just yet, has a bathroom that is fit for a queen! A two year old queen, but nonetheless... Her bathroom is probably more than twice the size of our one we had in the old house. Two sinks with a huge vanity and everything! She loves it. She got lots of bath toys for Christmas and uses them every time she takes a bath.

Finally, some pictures.

As most of you know, my lack of patience combined with a horrible week just before Christmas contributed to over $200 in damage to my precious camera.  I just got it back from Canon and everything was fixable, and they even made some minor adjustments to other things that we wrong with it that I had no idea about...for free.  Well, I suppose I paid plenty for the ridiculous repairs so I shouldn't call those adjustments "free".  Anyway, a few days before Christmas, after the little mishap, I called Nana begging for her camera so that I'd have something for Christmas Eve and Day.  It's taken me this long to upload all the, I didn't take that many, I'm just now getting to it, and the fact that we have a new computer hasn't hastened the task any.  Although we've had the computer for a few weeks now...  SO... The night of the camera incident, we were at a local "Santaland".  Of course I needed a camera to take pictures of Anna with Santa and playing in the fake snow...  but that didn't happen.  None of the above happened.  The only Santa-related thing she got close to was the Chic-fil-A Cow mascot guy who was dressed as Santa.  Nice...a guy dressed as a cow dressed as Santa.  And even that Polaroid wasof  her bolting off of his lap.  She was happy, she was just bolting.  Oh well.  Therefore we have no pictures of Anna in Santa's lap for real.  These other pictures are from Christmas Eve, morning, and Nana and Papaw's house for Christmas.  We asked her a few times what Santa was going to bring her and she'd say, "A purple bike."  How'd she know?!  Daddy....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our other new toy.


Meet the beautiful new iMac.  Yes folks, that's all there is!  No big, bulky CPU, there aren't a million cords running everywhere, and yes, that's a remote.  CompUSA is going out of business and had these babies on sale...not much on sale, but still...  We got a great deal on Apple Care and it even came with Leopard, which happens to be the fastest, best thing out there.  We are stoked and I'm still trying to figure everything out.  Daddy has a Mac Laptop (don't know which one) so he knows how to use it really well.  I'm still having trouble with not having a "right click" button on the mouse.  But it's awesome and now we don't have to worry about losing all of the thousands of pictures and songs we have.  Yay!


Evolution™ 300 Series Dishwasher SHE43M05UC
The dishwasher is here and installed!  I tried to complain to Lowe's to get free installation because it took SO long to get here.  They delivered it on Tuesday and I waited on Daddy to get home to install it.  He came home, changed clothes, made a trip to Lowe's again to get some parts, came home, and got to work.  By midnight, he had it going.  They say Bosch is a pain to install if you don't know a whole lot about them.  And that rumor proved to be correct.  One other thing...we unwrapped the dishwasher to find a tear in the insulation at the top right corner.  It's different kind of insulation that is like a hard rubber that is bonded to the outside of the dishwasher.  So we decided that it was defective and called Lowe's once again to complain.  We paid for the 42 decibels (or whatever) and we plan to get what we paid for!  I called before Daddy went to Lowe's for the parts, and they ended up compensating us for installation....and then some!  Good job Lowe's.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby names

As most of you know, we have been struggling to figure out what we're gonna name this kid that's about to be here.  And most of you know I have NOTHING.  This week we have actually started to think a little about it.  We both like Grey, but maybe for a middle name.  Daddy wants to have Grey as a middle name, but call him Grey.  I say, just name the kid Grey if you're gonna call him that and save all the confusion later on.  I also think there may be too much of an "R" sound with both the name Grey and our last name.  I threw a few out today and some of them weren't instantly shot down (amazingly!).  Here are those: Asher (also too much "R"), Axel (weird but cool), Ian, Isaiah, Jude (sounds a little girly to me).  Daddy threw his 2 cents in and added Hudson.  Hudson Grey sounds kinda cool.  I'm not sure if I can yell "ANNA, HUDSON.!!!!...."easily.  Cause you know whatever we name him, it needs to go with Anna's name as well as be a good "You are SO in trouble" name.  Comments?

Mission: Failure

So I called Lowe's this evening asking about my precious dishwasher that I have been anxiously awaiting....  The delivery date has been pushed back once again another 5 days.  I'm pissed and Lowe's WILL give me everything I want from now on.  MOOHOOHAHAHAHAAAAAA......

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yeah, yeah... it's been forever since I've posted anything.  Lots has happened... and then again, not really.  I'll post pics when I figure out this super cool new toy we got for Christmas (sort of).  Let's just talk about what happens tomorrow shall we?  Well, I hope it happens tomorrow.  Tomorrow is D-day..."D" as in DISHWASHER!  The sweet, shiny, new Bosch dishwasher is SUPPOSED to be delivered tomorrow.  I hope they mean "delivered to my house" rather than "delivered to Lowe's", then it will sit there for a while, then they call next week....  I don't think I'll let that happen though.  The dishwasher we have in the "new house" kind of works, but it leaks and is all rusted out on the inside.  So I haven't been using it at all while we've been here.  We've been here for over a month now...  I am really tired of doing dishes for real.  Apparently, they say that Bosch dishwashers are flippin' sweet and you don't even have to rinse off your dishes before putting them in.  I've always been a rinser no matter what kind of dishwasher I have.  We'll see.