Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby names

As most of you know, we have been struggling to figure out what we're gonna name this kid that's about to be here.  And most of you know I have NOTHING.  This week we have actually started to think a little about it.  We both like Grey, but maybe for a middle name.  Daddy wants to have Grey as a middle name, but call him Grey.  I say, just name the kid Grey if you're gonna call him that and save all the confusion later on.  I also think there may be too much of an "R" sound with both the name Grey and our last name.  I threw a few out today and some of them weren't instantly shot down (amazingly!).  Here are those: Asher (also too much "R"), Axel (weird but cool), Ian, Isaiah, Jude (sounds a little girly to me).  Daddy threw his 2 cents in and added Hudson.  Hudson Grey sounds kinda cool.  I'm not sure if I can yell "ANNA, HUDSON.!!!!...."easily.  Cause you know whatever we name him, it needs to go with Anna's name as well as be a good "You are SO in trouble" name.  Comments?

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Kelly Goulding said...

I really do like Hudson Grey!Ian is a good choice too but there is something about Hudson Grey that stands out.Thats the winner!