Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pumpkin Patch Chase!

A few days ago Anna and I went to a pumpkin patch to take some pictures. It wasn't a "real" pumpkin patch and I felt bad for just using their "scenery" for a photo shoot and not actually buying anything. I'm sure they get that all the time, which makes it ok. Right? I plan on going to Nana and Papaw's house soon. We'll go to the real pumpkin patch for more pictures (mainly for scrapbook purposes) and I'll have a bit more help with making the shoot more successful. As you can see in this patch, Anna refused to sit in one spot for any amount of time or even look at me when I called her. She thought that this place was a free-for-all playground and there were no boundries...as if that's any different from any other place. Ha! So most of the pictures are from behind her as I'm chasing her down. After looking at the pictures and thinking that the trip was a total loss, I realized that they really captured the essence of the adventure. Which was mainly just a goose chase.

Monday, October 30, 2006

We have arrived!

Ok, since I obviously have WAY too much time on my hands and since everyone else seems to have one, I've decided to create a blog. I know... I probably won't update it very often, but I suppose I'll attempt to for at least a little while. I've enjoyed looking up friends and family blogs and it seems to be fun.

Anna just turned one on the 13th of October and we had lots of fun at her birthday bash, even though it rained the entire time. We were forced to stay inside and Anna was inevitably isolated from her new outdoor play set that my husband and I (along with family that pitched in) got her. She got lots of other great (indoor) toys that she loves.

Here are some pictures of Anna playing outside on a nice day.

Let's catch up a little.

Here are some pictures of Anna's birthday parties. Yes, she had more than one. Anna's dad's office was generous enough to throw her a little cupcake party. One of the secretaries brought her orange cupcakes with Halloween decorations and Anna dug right in. We had to wrap her legs in paper towels so there wouldn't be orange icing everywhere. They also gave her a Dora Halloween book. She had a blast.

The other pics are from her party at home. She got so gross after (sorta) digging into her cake that we just stipped her and put on other clothes. I think she was more interested in putting the icing in her hair than in her mouth.