Thursday, October 28, 2010

Future plans.

Anna told me the other day... "Mom, I wanna get a big camera like your's, a black one...and I wanna be what you are when I grow up... What is that thing you are again??"

She took this *lovely* picture of me... Good shot, bad and wacky subject.  We don't need it to be blown up any more than this.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grandpa's Lake(house)

 Yep.  Grey is asleep sitting up in the boat...
The lake has a cool sandbar where we tie up the boat and swim around.  It has become the local hotspot. :)

Papaw's new barn!

Papaw has been working on this for years...  Not the barn itself, just the idea of having one.  It finally came to reality this summer and is still a work in progress, but it's just about complete.  He has the the largest garage doors on the planet being installed in those big holes on each end.  The kids love to go ride their scooters, bikes, and trikes out on the huge concrete pad...and really anything that has wheels is being pulled or ridden out there.  Anna liked the magnetic "pick it up" tool Papaw showed her and she picked up every metal object in the entire thing...probably a few times.

Magnetic thing below.
Things are further along now... but you get the gist. 
This one below is going to be awesome in about 20 years....Grey on that tiny tractor...
A little while later, Anna found a toad.  She still loves all creepy, crawly things.  Spiders, beetles, snakes, frogs, turtles...  
And here is a lesson from Papaw on how to show "the look"...

Daddy's new workout

We got one of these things this summer at a garage sale.  I have always thought they were so cool and thought the kids would too, and at $60, I thought it was even more awesome!  I probably could have gotten it for cheaper, but the garage sale was for a charity.  ;)  We brought it home and hooked it up to one of Daddy's bikes and he took them for a ride.  Daddy said it was definitely a workout (although could easily handle it) and acted like it wouldn't be a "regular" outing for them.  I'm very sure these "has been" athlete's legs of mine wouldn't be able to handle two kids, a bike trailer, and pedal my own weight around the block....  And wait, I don't even have a bike!  HA!  It's great to have the kid trailer anyway.  Even though it hasn't seen much light.  :)