Thursday, July 30, 2009

The funniest thing...'ve probably seen today:
Anna was not pushing him down the slide, it just looks like it... She just really wanted to and is holding her hands away from him.

I was ready to rip him out of the water as soon as he hit. He LOVED it and cried when it was time to go in. He really kept going back for more. And yes, we do own swim diapers and swim trunks, but he was already wet... We can save those things for when we're out in public. HA!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A look into the future.

I occasionally look at this one photographer's blog. She does lots of toddlers and babies... She has two kids, a boy that's about (maybe) 5 or 6, and a one year old girl. Wanna to see what Grey may look like when he's about 5 or 6? Check out this shot of him... You'll have to look at the whole post because the photographer has a lock on her photos so you can't post them elsewhere. But scroll down and you'll see a cute (of course!) kid in a green shirt with long, strawberry blonde hair with identical teeth as Grey. Ok, Grey may not look anything like this when he's really 5 or 6. But when I saw this shot of this kid on her blog, that was my first thought. I'm sure my husband will disagree with me...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of the best.

This is one of the best shots I've ever gotten of Anna. I haven't gotten on in a long time where she has a genuine smile on her face and she's actually look AT me. This was July 4th at Nana and Papaw's house.


Anna and Grey's favorite snacks are popsicles. Can you really consider them "snacks?" Not sure. But I figured that it would take Grey a while to figure the whole popsicle routine out. The first time he held the popsicle by the actual frozen part and not the stick. Then had green trails of sticky running down his arms and belly. The next time, he had it all figured out. I guess his hands were a little more comfortable with holding the warm stick at the bottom. These kids loooove their popsicles and Anna usually asks for one for breakfast.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What the kids did...

...while we were in Mexico. Well, these pics are just of Anna, obviously. They both stayed with Grammy and Papa Joe for 4 days and they loved every minute of it. One day they had a company picnic where they do all kinds of things for kids. Anna got her face painted...and apparently wanted to get it painted so bad that she stood in line for an hour and a half to get it done. She's so patient and knows the sweet rewards of having that gift. But sadly, she cried when she saw the paint dripping off her face in the bathtub that night. I would cry too if I had to endure a long line for some face paint only to have to get it washed off! But it had to happen. Thanks for the pics Grammy! I wish we could have been there to see it in person!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yeah, I cook my own tortillas...

...but I sure don't MAKE them!!
La Abuela: Flour Tortillas, 22 oz
I have recently become a bit of a tortilla snob. I canNOT find any tortillas (aside from getting them at Rosa's or some other place that makes them for you) that I really like. I keep getting different brands and they all taste like the plastic bag they come in. I have found a new love, La Abuela Flour Tortillas. These babies are actually cheaper (since you DO have to cook them yourself) than the regular ones you get in the bread isle. I found these at Wal-Mart in by the canned biscuits and stuff. MAN, are they good. You just let them sit out to room temp, throw them on a dry griddle of skillet for a minute on each side, and they're done. In two whole minutes you have a wonderful, homemade (sort of) tortilla. We had them with fajitas and they were great. I'm going to make some quesadillas tonight with them because if you put a little butter on them while they are in the skillet, they get a little flaky and crispy. Mmm. And just for kicks last night, I made one with butter, cinnamon, and sugar on each side. Whoa. I'm addicted.