Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Anna has been interested in soccer since getting to go to soccer practices and games of her cousins.  She had soccer sign-ups at the end of July and has been super excited about starting practice and games since then.  She asked specifically to be on Catherine and Meredith's team (her cousins who are almost 10!).  I didn't think she's be able to keep up with the 10 year olds, so we kept to Anna's age group.  ;)  Our team is pretty scatter-brained and easily entertained by helicopters flying overhead, kicking or playing in the dirt, and anything else not related to soccer.  But Anna is having a blast.  Her team is called the "Pink Panthers".  We don't really keep score but I'll just say that the games we've had so far have been a little "painful."  :)  It's all in fun.  These are some shots from her first practice.  Games shots soon to come.

She got to pick out her soccer practice attire.  She was VERY specific in what she wanted.  After all, she knew what soccer players looked like.  They were usually colorful and wore dri-fit everything. 
Favorite shot (below) 
 Anna had some hand-me-down soccer shoes that she thought were awesome.  We spiced them up and made them more "Anna-fied" with rainbow laces.  She's VERY into rainbows.

She was very serious at her first practice.  She may have been the only one that was paying attention the whole time and was ready to do anything the coach told her to do.  

(FYI- I don't tend to edit images on this blog anymore... what's the point really.  Ha! I like them the way they are just fine...maybe outta focus/blurry sometimes, grainy or not, not super colorful... whatever.  Life's just like that sometimes.)  :)

Old News

Back earlier in the Summer, Anna needed some new tennis shoes.  I looked around for different kinds and had decided already that if I bought her shoes with laces, that she WOULD learn to tie them herself.  She had been experimenting with tying things anyway.  The 'thought' she knew how to do it already when she'd bring me a 'present' with a 'bow' on top... which was really just a twisted up piece of ribbon smashed up into a ball.  I knew she was plenty capable of learning to tie her shoes.  So after looking through the tennis shoes and having her try on pairs she liked, then running up and down the isles at the stores to see if "they were fast enough", we chose a nice, shiny pair.  She learned to tie them about the same day she got them.  She was pretty pumped.  :)

There are the freshly tied shoes!  These apparently were the 'fastest' ones at the store.  Too bad I have always tied my bows left-handed and I taught her to do it the same way, which makes them twist...