Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nana and Papaw's.

We spent a couple days at Nana and Papaw's house last week while J was out of town. The kids always have a blast out there. They can run for a mile and it would be fine... since they'd still be in sight, literally. They played with the pine cones, played on the swings and big slide, roasted marshmallows, watched entirely too much tv, ate nothing but Nilla Wafers, crackers, M&Ms...well, that was mostly Grey, played with Reagan and Sage, and visited Jon, Lee, and Ridge. They also made about 800 trips down the curb thing along Nana and Papaw's driveway and played in the eternal sink hole near the road.

Monday, September 21, 2009

An empty room.

Little Miss Priss has decided that her 5th year of life (she's almost a 4 year old...yikes!!) will be the most difficult. She has been really testing boundaries lately. So she now has no toys. Her room has been like this for a week...empty. She has earned VERY little back, if she does earn it back, it seems to get taken away again pretty quickly. She has actually become so much more thankful for the little things she gets. For instance, every night before the toy purge we'd read her three books that she gets to pick out herself before bed. For almost a week, she has gotten no books... at all. Sad, I know, but she loves her books. So since she loves them, they were one of the first things that had to go. She made some fairly good choices yesterday so I let her have ONE book. You should have seen the rejoicing that happened after that news. Before that, she'd complain about not getting the right book, whether the book was too long or too short, and she'd even complain if she stayed up too late and we decided to give her 2 books instead of 3. (It was usually like 10pm when we'd do that to her.) The funny thing about getting all these toys taken away is watching her find such joy in such small things. She's play with a popcorn kernal she found under her bed, for example, and would love every minute of it. It's amazing how kids find a way to be happiness and contentment in the little things no matter the circumstance. A life lesson for us all, I think.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Those boys.

Our good friend, Lindsey, came back home to visit from Houston. She had two cute boys named Sam and Will. Our other friends Elisabeth, Emily, and Erin met at a park and chatted and let the kids play. Emily also has two boys named Noah and Philip. I rarely take my camera to short outings like these, but this time, I'm glad I did. There is a little mist thing there at the park that the kids loved. The boys took their shirts off after getting a bit wet and Anna asked, "Mom, can I take my shirt off too?" Sorry girl... She stayed appropriately clothed (for a girl, at least). But she didn't care that her clothes got wet. Why would she? They had a great time playing together. Lindsey and Emily, I'll have all these pics for you soon. :)

Noah, Philip, Anna, and Will.


Grey had his 18 month doc appointment today. He did alright. He was doing his typical ignoring of anything I said, trying to put all kinds of random things in his mouth, climbing on the chairs to try to touch the fish that were hanging from the ceiling, tearing up the books, and speaking his gibberish the entire time. He is the polar opposite of Anna. Anna was trying to be mother the entire time and repeating everything I said and adding more discipline as she went, as well as talking me into not getting the nurses to give her a flu shot. She chose to get one on her birthday instead. Back to Grey... He was right at 29 pounds and was 34 inches tall. I added an inch since he had his belly sticking out and was arching his back which made him shorter than he really was. So if he did it right, he may have even been taller. But since he's a crazy man... :) He got one shot and Anna said she deserved a sticker for holding his hand and telling him that "it was ok." Yeah, SHE can talk, right? Miss "I'm gonna be brave on my birthday and get a shot, but not today." HA! We were in and out in no time. Here are a few of pics of Grey in his favorite attire...well, second favorite. His favorite doesn't include the diaper.


A normal occurrence.