Monday, September 21, 2009

An empty room.

Little Miss Priss has decided that her 5th year of life (she's almost a 4 year old...yikes!!) will be the most difficult. She has been really testing boundaries lately. So she now has no toys. Her room has been like this for a week...empty. She has earned VERY little back, if she does earn it back, it seems to get taken away again pretty quickly. She has actually become so much more thankful for the little things she gets. For instance, every night before the toy purge we'd read her three books that she gets to pick out herself before bed. For almost a week, she has gotten no books... at all. Sad, I know, but she loves her books. So since she loves them, they were one of the first things that had to go. She made some fairly good choices yesterday so I let her have ONE book. You should have seen the rejoicing that happened after that news. Before that, she'd complain about not getting the right book, whether the book was too long or too short, and she'd even complain if she stayed up too late and we decided to give her 2 books instead of 3. (It was usually like 10pm when we'd do that to her.) The funny thing about getting all these toys taken away is watching her find such joy in such small things. She's play with a popcorn kernal she found under her bed, for example, and would love every minute of it. It's amazing how kids find a way to be happiness and contentment in the little things no matter the circumstance. A life lesson for us all, I think.

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Jessica said...

Haha, we totally do the same thing w/ Lily. I told her that Anna gets her toys taken away too when she doesn't act right for her mom and dad. Her response was,"Well, I'll take my toys over to her house that I can't play with and I'll bring back her toys that SHE can't play with and when we are good again, we can take them back." LOL! I told her very nice try but it doesn't work that way!