Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Grey had his 18 month doc appointment today. He did alright. He was doing his typical ignoring of anything I said, trying to put all kinds of random things in his mouth, climbing on the chairs to try to touch the fish that were hanging from the ceiling, tearing up the books, and speaking his gibberish the entire time. He is the polar opposite of Anna. Anna was trying to be mother the entire time and repeating everything I said and adding more discipline as she went, as well as talking me into not getting the nurses to give her a flu shot. She chose to get one on her birthday instead. Back to Grey... He was right at 29 pounds and was 34 inches tall. I added an inch since he had his belly sticking out and was arching his back which made him shorter than he really was. So if he did it right, he may have even been taller. But since he's a crazy man... :) He got one shot and Anna said she deserved a sticker for holding his hand and telling him that "it was ok." Yeah, SHE can talk, right? Miss "I'm gonna be brave on my birthday and get a shot, but not today." HA! We were in and out in no time. Here are a few of pics of Grey in his favorite attire...well, second favorite. His favorite doesn't include the diaper.

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