Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Those boys.

Our good friend, Lindsey, came back home to visit from Houston. She had two cute boys named Sam and Will. Our other friends Elisabeth, Emily, and Erin met at a park and chatted and let the kids play. Emily also has two boys named Noah and Philip. I rarely take my camera to short outings like these, but this time, I'm glad I did. There is a little mist thing there at the park that the kids loved. The boys took their shirts off after getting a bit wet and Anna asked, "Mom, can I take my shirt off too?" Sorry girl... She stayed appropriately clothed (for a girl, at least). But she didn't care that her clothes got wet. Why would she? They had a great time playing together. Lindsey and Emily, I'll have all these pics for you soon. :)

Noah, Philip, Anna, and Will.

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