Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I just HAD to.

As I drove by a local nursery today to take my nieces and nephews to school (not a usual occurrence), and I passed this sign. The other side was "correct" and said "huge truckload of pottery." I HAD to go back home to get the camera. This afternoon I passed the sign again and the employees had changed the sign to read "glazed ceramics". Hilarious!!


Again, Anna must have shoes on all the time. If they aren't her own, she finds others. These are my gross flip flops. They did the trick. I was surprised she could walk in them so well.

No Buttons. (Repeat...)

Just when Dad pulls the laptop out and nestles himself up against the couch with his legs under the coffee table, Anna must come to sit in his lap. He doesn't mind of course. He just knows there will be much repeated disciplining to do. Anna knows she is not to touch the computer buttons, yet the temptation is too great. I think she'd rather take her discipline and get the slightest click of a button on the keyboard for her enjoyment.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Photo Shoot!

I was practicing with my camera... The little girl will NOT just sit in one place for any amount of time so I was REALLY getting some practice. Ha! This was about the only one that wasn't slightly blurry. I didn't realise the huge booger under her nose until after I uploaded the pictures. And I didn't feel like fixing it. So please disregard! :)

Buckin' Bronco!

Anna finally flipped her rocking horse. I didn't get pictures of her because it was so fast and she was up and freaking out as soon as she hit the floor. Many of you wondered when the time would come that she would rock so far that she'd flip it. Well, it happened. The funny thing was that she flipped it backwards and landed on her back. The horse also knocked a dent in the wall...just a small one. It was funny.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Strainer mask.

Alien or Astronaut? Who knows? This is Anna's favorite thing to drag out of the cabinets. She was running towards me so I apologise for the blurriness and bad flash shadows.


You know you've done this. I know I have many times. So when Anna said,"bite?!" while I was squirting the whip cream on my hot chocolate tonight, I thought, "ah, why not?" I'm sure she saw me do it just before I began putting it on my hot chocolate and thought it looked like something she needed to experience. So there you have it! A little squirt of whip cream in her mouth and she was hooked. Great Value brand...only the best for my little girl! Ha! I only gave her a couple of squirts for all of you gasping at this...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Adding Numbers.

We all know that "No. One" and No. Two" happen in the potty. Anna decided to add a "No. 5" and No. 8" (puzzle pieces). And yes, she got a good scrub down after this incident. Ha!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


As many of you know, our cute (yet small 2 bedroom, one bath) house doesn't have a real bathtub. We have a big stand up shower instead. So when it comes to bath time for Anna, we still put her in her plastic toddler tub on the counter in the bathroom. It works fine but there will come a day when she out grows it...and that day is coming very soon. At some point we will redo our bathroom to accommodate a tub.

Normally when Anna is at another house, she's not quite sure about the big tub we put her in for a bath. She, in the past, has had a huge meltdown each time we put her in one. I'm not sure why, but I think the water coming out of the faucet scares to poo out of her (not literally, thank goodness! Ha!). At any rate, she must have a bath, and while we were at Grammy's house we braced for a meltdown when it came time for one. To our relief, she loved it! She splashed around, wanted to get up and walk around in the tub, played with some blocks and other bath toys like "normal" kids do. Dad had fun giving her a bath, I think... He also allowed some much needed streaking after she got out. A tradition at our house... one I'm not fond of at all! But it happens anyway.

Where's Aunt Karla?

Reunion on sad terms.

This weekend, Great-Granny passed away. She had a long fight with cancer and since breaking her hip in December, she had not been doing well. We got the news on Sunday night, packed up Monday afternoon and headed north for the funeral. I was great to see the rest of the family, some of whom we missed over Christmas. Anna had a great time as expected. She had lots of relatives to charm and lots of arms to pick her up. She also had a great time with cousin Abby. Abby was lots of help with it came to wiping snotty noses and food off of Anna's chin...and even giving her a bite of yogurt! Thanks Abby.


We went to a Super Bowl party at a friend's house where we of course cheered for the Colts. We have a good friend from college that plays for them. Anna wanted to show her spirit, but they didn't make a jersey with Dylan's number on it in her size. So with a plain white t-shirt and some blue painters tape, we had an instant jersey! Which I'm surprised to say stayed on the entire night.

Poor computer.

On the last download session for Anna's pictures, the grand total in her 12-18 month folder was 770 pictures. Please take note that I did say her 12-18 month folder, which means she also has a 0-3 month folder, 3-6, 6-9, and a 9-12 month folder. At this rate of taking and downloading pictures I should reach about 1000 pictures just for this folder alone. No wonder our computer is always ticked off! It's old and needs to be replaced anyway.