Thursday, February 08, 2007


As many of you know, our cute (yet small 2 bedroom, one bath) house doesn't have a real bathtub. We have a big stand up shower instead. So when it comes to bath time for Anna, we still put her in her plastic toddler tub on the counter in the bathroom. It works fine but there will come a day when she out grows it...and that day is coming very soon. At some point we will redo our bathroom to accommodate a tub.

Normally when Anna is at another house, she's not quite sure about the big tub we put her in for a bath. She, in the past, has had a huge meltdown each time we put her in one. I'm not sure why, but I think the water coming out of the faucet scares to poo out of her (not literally, thank goodness! Ha!). At any rate, she must have a bath, and while we were at Grammy's house we braced for a meltdown when it came time for one. To our relief, she loved it! She splashed around, wanted to get up and walk around in the tub, played with some blocks and other bath toys like "normal" kids do. Dad had fun giving her a bath, I think... He also allowed some much needed streaking after she got out. A tradition at our house... one I'm not fond of at all! But it happens anyway.

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