Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daddy's new workout

We got one of these things this summer at a garage sale.  I have always thought they were so cool and thought the kids would too, and at $60, I thought it was even more awesome!  I probably could have gotten it for cheaper, but the garage sale was for a charity.  ;)  We brought it home and hooked it up to one of Daddy's bikes and he took them for a ride.  Daddy said it was definitely a workout (although could easily handle it) and acted like it wouldn't be a "regular" outing for them.  I'm very sure these "has been" athlete's legs of mine wouldn't be able to handle two kids, a bike trailer, and pedal my own weight around the block....  And wait, I don't even have a bike!  HA!  It's great to have the kid trailer anyway.  Even though it hasn't seen much light.  :)

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