Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yeah, yeah... it's been forever since I've posted anything.  Lots has happened... and then again, not really.  I'll post pics when I figure out this super cool new toy we got for Christmas (sort of).  Let's just talk about what happens tomorrow shall we?  Well, I hope it happens tomorrow.  Tomorrow is D-day..."D" as in DISHWASHER!  The sweet, shiny, new Bosch dishwasher is SUPPOSED to be delivered tomorrow.  I hope they mean "delivered to my house" rather than "delivered to Lowe's", then it will sit there for a while, then they call next week....  I don't think I'll let that happen though.  The dishwasher we have in the "new house" kind of works, but it leaks and is all rusted out on the inside.  So I haven't been using it at all while we've been here.  We've been here for over a month now...  I am really tired of doing dishes for real.  Apparently, they say that Bosch dishwashers are flippin' sweet and you don't even have to rinse off your dishes before putting them in.  I've always been a rinser no matter what kind of dishwasher I have.  We'll see.

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