Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally, some pictures.

As most of you know, my lack of patience combined with a horrible week just before Christmas contributed to over $200 in damage to my precious camera.  I just got it back from Canon and everything was fixable, and they even made some minor adjustments to other things that we wrong with it that I had no idea about...for free.  Well, I suppose I paid plenty for the ridiculous repairs so I shouldn't call those adjustments "free".  Anyway, a few days before Christmas, after the little mishap, I called Nana begging for her camera so that I'd have something for Christmas Eve and Day.  It's taken me this long to upload all the, I didn't take that many, I'm just now getting to it, and the fact that we have a new computer hasn't hastened the task any.  Although we've had the computer for a few weeks now...  SO... The night of the camera incident, we were at a local "Santaland".  Of course I needed a camera to take pictures of Anna with Santa and playing in the fake snow...  but that didn't happen.  None of the above happened.  The only Santa-related thing she got close to was the Chic-fil-A Cow mascot guy who was dressed as Santa.  Nice...a guy dressed as a cow dressed as Santa.  And even that Polaroid wasof  her bolting off of his lap.  She was happy, she was just bolting.  Oh well.  Therefore we have no pictures of Anna in Santa's lap for real.  These other pictures are from Christmas Eve, morning, and Nana and Papaw's house for Christmas.  We asked her a few times what Santa was going to bring her and she'd say, "A purple bike."  How'd she know?!  Daddy....

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