Friday, January 25, 2008


We've attitude in full-force today.  Well, yesterday Anna had the biggest meltdown ever when I dropped her off at Parent's Day Out.  She screamed and kicked and yelled, "NO!" at everything her teachers threw at her.  She wanted no part of anything they were doing.  I stood out of site for a few minutes and then just told Sandy, the head of PDO, to call me when they get sick of her.  I figured I'd hear back pretty soon.  I called about an hour later and they told me that she had finally stopped the fit.  She usually never throws big fits like that.  She has been mad or sad and cried before, but only for just a few minutes...usually stopping before I leave.  She's never done this.  I just felt horrible for making her teachers put up with such drama.  They don't get paid enough for that.  No one does...  I SURE DON'T!  Ha!  Anyway...  Today, Anna came into our bedroom where I was on the computer to tell me she had "an assident in her panties."  Another very rare thing, but in the last 2 days not so much.  So we went to the bathroom to change clothes and I told her to sit on the potty.  Of course, that was NOT what she wanted to do.  In fact, all she wanted to do was to disagree with me.  We went back and forth like we were both 2 years old, and then I tried to play with her and switch around her answers...  She'd say no, then I'd say no instead of yes to try to confuse her into saying yes, etc.  Finally she said, "Mommy, you say 'YES' and I say 'NO'!"  I thought, "seriously...has it come to this?"  She really just wanted to disagree with whatever I said.  So I told her not to wipe her bottom after she went to the potty, and she did.  Then I told her not to put her panties and clothes on, and she did...etc.  I was so ticked off and really hoped that it didn't last forever.  I wasn't going to have to play "opposite day" for the rest of my life.  So I finally left her alone and she cheered up and decided that she'd be a normal kid.  Or at least normal for Anna.  We only had a couple more crazy fits after that.  Did I mention that I will need medication soon?  The kind that comes in a liquid form in a tall bottle with a cork in the top...but that'll have to wait at least another month.  :(

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Finally an Abrigg..... said...

hahaha! I'm laughing outloud. Bless your pregnant heart! :)
Little Anna with the attitude! I love "Opposite Day!"
I keep forgetting to email you back about that bike! SHOOT!@!!!! Since we decided to build a house, I think a bike is out of the question, unfortunatley. Thank you for thinking of me though!!