Monday, February 04, 2008

Big spill at Target.

Tonight Daddy, Anna, and my fat, prego self went to Target.  We go just about once a week as a family outing to escape the monotony.  We usually don't have anything specific to get...although we of course walk out with a few sacks.  It's mainly to let Anna run around, look at toys or whatever else she wants to look at, and get good and sleepy.  So as I was smelling car air-freshener things, Daddy and Anna were a few isles over kicking a soccer ball.  I went back over to let Daddy smell my choices.  Anna was retrieving the ball and walked back to her spot to get ready to kick it back to Daddy.  As she did, she kicked a little too high and whiffed the top of the ball.  Since she always kicks the ball hard, her momentum sent her straight onto the back of her head.  Just picture the Charlie Brown episode where he gets the football pulled away just as he kicks it.  Anna immediately jumped up with that frantic "holy crap that really hurt bad" face and cry...not knowing whether she could still breath and endure the pain at the same time.  It was bad...and her head made a really loud sound when it hit.  It swelled up and almost popped open.  It looked a little bloody but I'm not sure it ever really oozed anything.  She was done for the rest of the night and needed some serious "Daddy/Mommy hold me" time and Motrin.  She's fine... I hope.


Julie said...

ouch! poor kid! it's dangerous being a kid! i can't believe you are almost ready to have that baby!

Anonymous said...

Wow, when I first read the heading I thought you were going to say YOU fell! I'm sorry Anna fell and bumped her head, but I must say I was releived it wasn't you :)