Monday, February 11, 2008

It begins...

Since I've finally sort of started to organize that unnamed boy's room, Anna has been very interested in all the new things going in there.  She likes to drag out all of the baby books (which are hers anyway), pull out baby toys and play with them, etc.  It's fine with me as long as it doesn't make a huge mess that I have to clean up 3 times a day.  I washed the moses basket stuff last night and stuck it back in the basket part to dry.  Anna thought that was just the coolest thing ever.  I'm sure she doesn't remember that it was hers, but she sure thought she needed to be in it while I took pictures of the crib bedding.  So I snapped some of her too.  Hopefully she won't try to share the basket while there is a baby sleeping in it.
It's hard to believe that's what she looked like almost 2 and a half years ago in the same moses basket!  Doesn't even look like the same kid.

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