Wednesday, February 06, 2008

She hates me.

I don't know if it's just that Anna is a typical bipolar 2 year old, if she knows that her world will somehow be flipped upside down soon with a newborn on the way, or if it's just that she hates me...  We DO NOT get along lately.  We had a big fight tonight about dinner.  I let her get down when she wanted from the table, but told her that she wouldn't get anything else to eat until she ate a little more dinner.  This sometimes works.  All she ate were her peas.  Of course, she said, "ok" and got down from her chair.  Later on, I got a bowl of cereal and she came over to me wanting some.  I told her that if she'd eat some more dinner then I'd get her some cereal.  She moped around for a while, playing with toys, reading, etc.  She then started saying she was hungry.  So what did I do?  I told her to eat some more dinner.  The screaming began.  I was calm and tried to reason with her without going back on my word.  I'm way too hard headed to give in.  So she went to bed early.  I even gave her a very rare second chance and asked if she wanted to get out of bed to finish eating.  She agreed, but only ate 2 more peas and began crying again telling me she didn't want to eat, but that she was still hungry.  Sorry chick...  Off to bed again.  She cried for a long time in her room and has finally stopped.  

We are off to "school" tomorrow morning and I'm trying to prepare myself for another meltdown when I leave her.  Last week I even tried to tell her multiple times that we'd go get ice cream after I picked her up if she didn't cry when I left.  No chance of that...  and no ice cream.  I'll try it again, but I'm sure it won't work.  Her poor teachers...

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