Friday, January 18, 2008

Fit for a Queen.


This new house we have is great all around, but the main thing that sold me were the bathrooms. When you have only one small one for three people to share, it gets pretty tight, dirty quickly, and well, you just get sick of it. I've posted some things about poor Anna having to get hosed down in the tub-less shower or having to take a bath in her very small toddler tub. There was no room for the girl to sit back, relax, and soak off a hard day of playing. :) But of course, she really didn't care or know the difference. But the "NEW HOUSE" as she always calls hasn't become "home" just yet, has a bathroom that is fit for a queen! A two year old queen, but nonetheless... Her bathroom is probably more than twice the size of our one we had in the old house. Two sinks with a huge vanity and everything! She loves it. She got lots of bath toys for Christmas and uses them every time she takes a bath.

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