Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't call CPS...

I have about HAD it with Anna's little routine of running into our room multiple time at night.  I'm not sure I ever slept last night since it was about midnight when she finally went to sleep.  Then of course, about every hour after that she was coming into our room screaming or whining about wanting something....once a "kleenex for my boogies", another time she said her finger hurt.  Give me a break.  I don't sleep well anyway now that I'm getting fatter by the minute and I'd really like Anna to realize that she can stay in her room without getting out of bed for the entire night.  She has done it before for short stretches of time, but she usually comes into our room wanting something at least once.  I told her last night at about 4am that I was about to lock in her room if she didn't stay in bed.  I'm getting a little terrified of the near future when I'll have to put up with 2 kids that don't sleep.  You may see me in rehab and/or the psych ward with Britney soon.

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