Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our other new toy.


Meet the beautiful new iMac.  Yes folks, that's all there is!  No big, bulky CPU, there aren't a million cords running everywhere, and yes, that's a remote.  CompUSA is going out of business and had these babies on sale...not much on sale, but still...  We got a great deal on Apple Care and it even came with Leopard, which happens to be the fastest, best thing out there.  We are stoked and I'm still trying to figure everything out.  Daddy has a Mac Laptop (don't know which one) so he knows how to use it really well.  I'm still having trouble with not having a "right click" button on the mouse.  But it's awesome and now we don't have to worry about losing all of the thousands of pictures and songs we have.  Yay!

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