Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lately with Anna, it's been all about birthday parties and Christmas.  The only reason I can think of is because Grey's birthday is coming up and she has watched some movies/shows recently about birthday parties and presents.  Since everything is about her of course, she likes to tell me the plans for these upcoming events...even though they are not so "upcoming."

Anna: Mommy, you totally forgot something for Christmas.
Me: What did we forget?
Anna: I nebber got my Peter Pan movie or my binoculars!
Me: Didn't you ask for those after Christmas had already passed?
Anna: No, just the Peter Pan movie after Christmas...but I still need my binoculars.
Me: Why do you need binoculars?
Anna: I need them to look far far away to Nana's house to see what she's doing.  And then I can lay down under a tree and look at birds with them.  
Me: Then what?
Anna: Then I can watch my Peter Pan movie with my binoculars!
Me: Then what?
Anna: Then we can have a party just for me! And I can get presents!  Mom, my birthday is coming UP and I need to have some cake and a fairy party for me!  
Me: Well, your birthday is very far away and Christmas is even further.
Anna: oh.

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