Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Silliness while we wait.

We were sitting in the car waiting for Dad to get off work yesterday. We needed to go do a brief photo shoot for a magazine article that he will be featured in. I was playing with my camera and borrowed "glass" to keep busy. Poor Grey is sick again. He's really fine, it's just a very snotty nose that I can't keep up with and a bad croupy cough. I think you can see the shiny snot trail from his nose to his mouth in this picture. At least he's still pretty happy most of the time! :) And Anna was fascinated by the man walking around in front of us while we waited. He was a fertilizer guy that was spraying something on the grass. She said he looked like a cowboy with his green boots and green shiny gloves. I'm not sure what kind of cowboy that is... She waved at him and he didn't see her to wave back. She watched him for 30 minutes (yes, we were in the car that long) and told him she loved him and didn't want him to go. Of course (thankfully) we had the windows up and he didn't hear her. Creepy.

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Erin said...

Personally,I think she's got the right idea. I agree with the Beatles- All you need is love, right?!