Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Rocking Horse.

These are all pretty similar, I posted them all because I liked the slight differences in their facial expressions.  

I have a many pictures of Anna on this rocking horse.  There is one that I put on her first birthday invitation and thought it would be fitting to try Grey on the horse and see what happened.  Of course, since it's all about Anna, she had to join in as well, which was fine.  I was just mainly seeing what Grey would do on the horse and to give him a little practice just in case I decided to actually take him somewhere neater than our entry way or backyard to take his picture on the horse.  I stuck Grey on the horse and Anna jumped on right behind him and helped him stay on.  Grey thought it was pretty fun.  I kept telling Anna to stay on and help Grey stay on since I knew he's not coordinated enough to just sit there yet.  (Anna was surfing on this thing when she was Grey's age!  Funny the difference between girls and boys...or at least mine.)  After I was done taking some pictures, Anna tried to be funny and slide off the back of the horse.  As she slid off the back, Grey slid off the side and hit his head on the bookshelf.  I didn't get shots of the aftermath.

This one's a little out of focus, but still cute.

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