Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another nighttime conversation.
Tonight I was laying in bed with Anna chatting about the day. We were talking about faces and why we have two eyes, one nose, and two holes in our noses. The flashlight was the only light that was on in her room and it was stuck between us as we faced each other. So it lit up our faces from underneath. I held my hand up to look at my palm in the light...

Anna: Mom, your hands are sparkly.
Me: Yep, I bet your hands sparkle too.
Anna: (She stuck her hand up the the light). Nope, not like your hands.
Me: Well, maybe that's because I have older hands than you do. Your hands are much smoother.
Anna: I'm old.
Me: But I'm much older than you.
Anna: I'm old for puppies!

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Jon,Lee, and kids said...

She's going to want a puppy soon.