Monday, February 09, 2009

Good mornings.

Me: Good Morning Grey! Where's your sister?

Me: Oh! There she is! She was hiding in your bed! I thought I heard her talking to you on the monitor...

Anna: Mommy, take a picture of me upside down!
Grey: Hey can you get me out?

Anna: Mom, did you get it?!
Grey: Will someone please just get me out?

Anna: Mom, lemme give Grey a kiss and you can take a picture.

Grey: Ok, if no one is going to get me out and feed me, then I'll eat this cage.

Me: Ok, give your brother a hug and look at me.
Grey: If I do this, then will you get me out?

Me: ...and again!

Grey: Ok woman, get off me.


Jon,Lee, and kids said...

Y'all are hilarious...and so cute.

the arledge family said...

your kids are stinkin' adorable