Saturday, February 14, 2009

For Granna Jodi.

Before Christmas, Anna and I went to visit our cousins, Megan and her mom and dad.  I have a couple of good pictures from the visit, but was lazy about posting them.  Megan's mom is MUCH better at staying on top of things like that.  :)  Anna had a blast there and played with Megan the entire time.  Megan has one of the best princess wardrobes that Anna had ever seen and she thought she was in Heaven.  Anna usually picked out one specific dress to wear while we were there.  It was one that was hand made by Megan's Granna Jodi.  It was a long, dark pink dress.  Anna took great care of it while she was there and carried each side of the dress with her fingers as she walked so that it would not drag the ground.  She LOVED it.  Word got back to Granna Jodi about how much Anna loved the dress and she got the things together to make Anna a dress like the one she wore at Megan's house.  Granna Jodi is a miracle worker.  It came just in time for Christmas.  Anna had been asking for a Cinderella dress for Christmas.  That's just about the only thing she wanted, and she made sure everyone else knew that was on her list.  

When Anna opened this dress on Christmas morning, the first thing she said once she put it on was, "Oh, it's beautiful!!  Now I can marry a PRINCE!"  J and I looked at each other with that look that could only follow a comment like that...  We were also amazed that someone not even related to us and someone we had not even MET in person (or at least in a really long time) could have set aside time during Christmas to make such a wonderful gift.  Nana got her some "glass" slippers that match to complete the ensemble.

I have been wanting to take Anna out for a photo shoot with her in her dress so Granna Jodi can see how much Anna likes the dress.  We went out yesterday.  I had to wake Anna up since she'd fallen asleep in the car on the way to my "spot."  Thanks SO much Granna Jodi!  She loves it!  And sorry this has taken so long.

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