Friday, January 30, 2009

and we missed it...

I am one of the hostesses of a shower tomorrow. I offered my house as the "venue." HA! So needless to say, I've been cleaning/organizing for a week now. Not all day, everyday, just a little here and there so it wouldn't be such a huge thing to get everything cleaned before tomorrow. It's still a huge thing, even though I worked a little all week.

Today, instead of yelling at the kids all day because they were dragging things out that I just put up, I asked Nana to come get them so they could have a slumber party at her house. They have been doing well there, which I'm not surprised about, and they have had fun playing with cousins. I got a call tonight asking about meds for runny noses and such, but also got some other exciting news. While Papaw and Grey were hanging out in the living room and playing with the infamous cat, Woody, Grey took his first steps. He has become a champ at standing up without holding on to anything for support, and I've done the dive bomb test a couple of times to see how close he was to walking. The last time I did the "dive bomb" test was only a few days ago and he actually reached for the ground multiple times. That usually means they are very close to walking. Today, Papaw came into the kitchen and asked Nana, "When did Grey start walking?" She of course said, "He hasn't yet..." He said, "Well, he just took three steps in the living room trying to get Woody." And there you have it...our son's firsts steps, and we missed it. Bittersweet.


Lindsey said...

Cool. How old is he now?

Happy shower tomorrow. I wish I could be there.

Ashley said...

he's almost 11 months.