Sunday, January 11, 2009

FG Marathon: Part 1 Continued

This weekend was a whirlwind of stress and craziness...and I wasn't even in the wedding! It was fun to say the least and Anna had the best time of her life, or at least she acted like it. This is Jackson. He was Anna's date for the night (the ring bearer). He did a great job and was actually not a rookie when it comes to walking down the isle holding a pillow.

Jackson: "Girl, you need to get over yourself AND that basket!"

I decided to not carry my camera around with me everywhere I went on the day of the wedding. Although I know I missed some great shots, I wouldn't have gotten to enjoy the day as much and Anna would have had much less "instruction" and supervision if I had my camera. I just made sure she didn't lay on the floor or fall down any stairs and skin her face on any concrete before the wedding. I must have told her a hundred times in different ways how to do her "big, important job." She just kept nodding her head as if she knew what to do. She did very well at the rehearsal, but I was afraid that all the people in the sanctuary would freak her out. And there were LOTS of people there...I think like 400? Yeah, lots. So I stood back in the back of the church with her giving her a pep talk while the bridesmaids walked down the isle. Then it was her turn. She stepped down the isle like the pro I knew she'd be; walking slowly and dropping rose pedals as she went. Jackson, on the other hand, took off running and flinging the pillow around like a 2.5 year old should, just like in the rehearsal. Anna turned and looked at me as she walked as if to say, "What does he think he's doing?!" It was awesome. I ran down the side of the church and met her at the front and called her off to the side. She was concerned that she didn't throw all of her pedals. I was more concerned that she would freak out if she ran out of pedals. She did great. Sitting still during the ceremony, however, was a different story. But we made it through. Then came the reception. This girl took full advantage of the dance, the food and sweets, and a little freedom in a princess dress.
She was one of the first ones on the dance floor.

They had a money dance (?) and Anna wanted to dance with the prince.

Anna LOVES her cousin Abby (a junior bridesmaid) and didn't let the poor girl rest the entire night.

Anna's getting a little dance lesson from Brooke, the bride.

"Come on Abby! The night is still young!!"

This is Ava, Anna's other cousin and Abby's little sister. She wouldn't step foot on the dance floor, but got her groove on just about 2 feet from the edge.

Dancing so much can do an number on a girl's princess dress. Brooke's there to give Anna a little adjustment.

The line was very long to get food and we were all pretty hungry. Apparently J thought it was quicker to go to Church's (yuck!) for a little pre-reception snack. He was right, and Anna almost drank one of these entire cokes herself.

Like I said, I didn't have my camera during the ceremony, but the wedding photogs couldn't take their cameras off of Anna. It seemed like every time I looked over to see where they were (because I'm a stalker, you know) they had their lenses pointing right at Anna. I figured I'd order some from them when they get the wedding finished.

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Anonymous said...

Of course they took lots of pictures. I mean, she is the cutest kid on the planet. And put her in a princess dress and forget it. No camera could resist. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. Yea Anna! One down.