Friday, January 23, 2009

Who was watching his girl?

Daddy was supposed to be, but he was sitting on the couch playing games on his iPhone. I was on the computer working (where else?) when Anna came up to me to ask a question. I looked at her and just about fell out of my chair. She didn't really know what I was laughing at since she hadn't seen herself. She was just coming to ask a normal question with a straight face. I took her back into the living room where J was sitting on the couch and asked, "Were you watching her?" With a puzzled look on his face he replied, "She was running around!" Obviously not the case since I keep the diaper changing supplies in a basket usually in the middle of the living room floor. Sure enough, there was a pile of baby powder right next to the basket where she had been dumping it out and rubbing it all over herself. RIGHT in front of her dad. He had no idea and she was being very quiet and occupied. She had a good laugh when she saw herself after I took her into the bathroom to wash her hair and face again. You can't really see the thickness of the powder in this shot, and it was caked on her scalp and semi-damp, just washed hair. Nice.

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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! What a cute picture.