Thursday, January 15, 2009

Organization for the unorganized mind.

I've never been the most organized person in the world, I'll admit it. But even the slightest bit of organization, maybe the removal of a pile of mail on the table, can give me great joy and relief. I'm sure it does for most people, or at least those who are "pilers". Although I can't even remember the last time I really reorganized anything in my house by myself...or even one in the last house we lived in. Some of my dear friends who helped me clean out that disaster of a house can second that thought. We haven't lived in this house but a little over a year and things are already starting to get out of hand. Well, things weren't ever REALLY very organized to begin with. I was huge prego with Grey when we moved in, got a hellish case of the flu, had a baby, and the rest is, well, it's the rest. It was a nice breath of fresh air when we moved and I was able to get rid of lots of unnecessary things. I think I lost my mind in the process, but we still had lots of "just stuff." Why do we have all that stuff anyway?

Starting a photography business is something that has started to become a little overwhelming. I liked it about 6 months ago when I didn't have lots of people emailing and calling wanting schedule sessions. I had one session (maybe) every couple of weeks or so. I was able to feel like I was still learning new things and experimenting with the art of photography. All of that began to change gradually, then BAM! Things were way different all of a sudden. I'm so glad that things change, I still really LOVE doing this, and know I will continue to love it. I just need to get my head out of the purple haze of the art world (not really) and get to the reality of this actually becoming and being a business. I have done the normal stuff to start a business. One thing I got was a planner. Why? To hold more "stuff." I hope that I keep it presentable and be able to take it places and have it handy to put important "stuff" in... I hope it stays cute. I hope I USE it. I'm not the "planner" type. I've always tried to be, but my brain just doesn't work that way... I'm not really sure which way my brain works exactly. Does anyone else know? If you do, can you fill me in? Thanks.

I thought the other day that I wish I had an office that wasn't in my bedroom. I feel like the kids are running in and out of the bedroom and I'm nowhere near where I can tend to them or help them with things while I get a few things done on the computer. I don't feel like I can wait until later on to work, like at night after they go to bed, because my husband is home then and I wouldn't ever speak to him if I were couped up in the bedroom. But there will be no way (ever) to make an office in a different place in this house. I can't even move the furniture and make it feel "different". And like to move me some furniture. The layout of the house is the way it is. It's great, but all things inside must remain static. Unless we knock a hole in the wall between the living room and our bedroom... hmmmm. No, not really. OR we could knock ALL the walls down and make a "loft" style house! No, not really to that too.

And so mind runs. Over and over again through all the photos I need to be processing. To the things I "should" be doing... to the things I'd like to do... to the things I MUST do. As I sit here, I see two empty shelves above me, five separate piles of papers around the keyboard, a mail catty thing that's full of randomness, our old computer to my left sitting on an empty box, a stack of disks with all my clients' photos on the floor next to a disk organizer (empty), another box of "office things" to my left, a chair with laundry and a bag of who knows what sitting on it... and so on. I'll get it all done someday.

And no Mom, I'm not secretly asking for your help...again. HA! You helped lots on Tuesday. Thanks!! :)

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