Friday, January 09, 2009

Flower Girl Marathon: Part 1

This weekend will be the first wedding that Anna will be in. The first of 3 in the next 4 months. Her dress is steamed and hung high up so she can't touch it with her grimy little hands. She is super excited about seeing Brooke in her princess gown and wearing her dress as well. I've had several casual discussions with her about her "big important job" she will have on Saturday. I'm keeping my expectations very low so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised with her willingness to cooperate. We'll see about that. She has become a 13 year old lately and doesn't seem to like anything I say to her or do. She might be caught up in all the glamour and attention... which could turn out great or be a complete nightmare. I'll keep you posted.

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Jon,Lee, and kids said...

She looks fantastic.