Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Anna and I were laying in her bed night before last reading books. She chose Sleeping Beauty. As I read, we came to the part where Maleficent changes into the dragon and fights Prince Philip while he tries to make his way to the tower where Aurora is sleeping. Maleficent shoots lightning rods at the prince and creates a forest of thorns around him to slow him down, but the prince prevails. He emerges from the forest of thorns to see Maleficent transformed into a fire breathing dragon and hears her shout, "Now you shall deal with ME, oh prince!" Now in the movie, there is another line which Maleficent states, but I'm very sure they left this line out of the book purposefully. Since Anna has seen the movie a gabillion times, she knows the line...and knows it well. I found out how well she knows it night before last. I read the line, "Now you shall deal with ME, oh prince!" And in very dramatic fashion Anna continues, "AND ALL THE POWERS OF HELL!!!!!"

I suppose it's not like she cussing, but it just sounds so weird and wrong coming from a 3 year old.


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HA HA!!!! Oh, that's the funniest thing ever! Hilarious.

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