Friday, January 23, 2009

Everywhere I looked...


This, my friends, was a shot I took while in Louisiana at my fabulous workshop. I like to shoot "details" when I think about it during photo shoots since you never know when you may get the chance to make a collage. While we were shooting with models on Wednesday, I would sporadically turn to something around me and take a shot. I got one girl wondering once and as I looked down at some cool sticks on the ground and pointed my camera towards them, she said, "What are you doing? Are you going to take pictures of that stick?" She wasn't being rude, she really was just wondering. I quickly looked up and as I tried to hide my embarrassment, I just replied, "Ha! No! I was just checking something..." And kept on shooting. I was so worried I'd look stupid at the workshop with all the other "pro-photographers"... But I happened to turn around unnoticed once and take this super cool shot of the trees. There is VERY little done to this photo (just a little sharpening) and I think I may blow it up huge and put it somewhere in my house. I'll give more details on my fabulous workshop soon. :) And yes, I REALLY did take this photo.


Amanda Schaefer said...

Great picture...true art.
Also...thank you for the pictures of my grandpa. They are priceless. It really meant a lot to my grandmother, as well. We had so many comments on the photographs, and of course I credited the photographer. I appreciate you sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. I love it.