Monday, May 11, 2009

"Start, Curl, Press!"

We're starting pole vault practice early.  This is a broken pole vault pole what we used to practice with back in the good ol' days of college.  I still have it for some reason.  Grey picked it up and was (slowly) chasing Anna with it and beating on things...  Typical Grey (boy) behavior.  But then he started to do this!  I didn't catch the "curl" phase, but this, my friends, is the perfect high, early plant.  In non-pole vault language, this is good pole vault form.  I promise I didn't teach him to do this, and I'm glad I caught it on camera!  Coach Hood, you would be proud.  Although you may notice that he's doing it all backwards!!!  (meaning that Grey is going it right handed, and I was a lefty.)  HA!

Sorry these are sideways... not intentional.

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