Monday, May 04, 2009

A dress exchange.

Anna: Is my dress on it's way to Megan's house?
Me: Yep.  We put it in a box and sent it off.
Anna: Why does she need that dress? Why can't we just take it to her house?
Me: She is a flower girl in a wedding just like you were and needed a dress.  Her house is far away.
Anna: Did she think my dress was pretty too?
Me: Yes.
Anna: I think Megan needs to send me a dress too because she has lots and lots of dresses.
Me: No she doesn't need to send you one.  You have PLENTY of dresses yourself.  
Anna: Is she gonna send my dress back?
Me: I don't know.  You don't need it anymore, so it doesn't really matter.
Anna: Well, I think I need her to send me her red Snow White dress because I really need it...  no, I really want it.
Me: She does not need to send you a dress.
Anna: Uh huh!  I need...  I want that red Snow White dress and Megan has it.  She has lots of dresses and we put my dress in a box and sent it to her house and she can put the red Snow White dress in a box and send it to me!  That's what I need.... that's what I want.
Me:  She will not send you the red Snow White dress.  And you definitely don't NEED it, or any other dresses.
Anna: No, but I want it.


Erica said...

What SW dress is she referring to? I will send it!!!! Thank you, Anna, for sharing against your will.

Ashley said...

HA! No, don't send it!!! LOL. She just now asked me, "Mom, is Megan done with my dress?" I hope we can just forget about the dress... :)

jarcarhar said...

Can I just say over and over again how impressed, nay jealous, I am that Anna knows (maybe not accepts!) the differences between needs and wants!!! For instance, Jakob NEEDS to learn to go in the potty...WANTS on the other hand... You inspire me, Ashely!

Laura said...

That is absolutely precious!