Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We LOVE warm laundry!

Although it probably doesn't happen as often as it should around here, warm laundry is one of Anna's (and my) favorite things. The gravitational pull of a huge pile of warm, just out of the dryer laundry is just too great for her. She walks up to the pile with a huge smile and usually a little giggle, and as she nears the edge of the pile does the "nestea plunge" face first right on top. Then she swims around in the clothes and eventually buries herself. She lays there as the warmth slowly fades...which sometimes can take a while. I think she learned all of this from me since I usually wrap myself in warm laundry after I pull it out of the dryer. It's a nice quiet time for both of us as we lay in the floor with underwear, socks, blankets, and other things draped all over us.


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i just can't handle how cute she is anymore dadgumit.

Julie said...

what a cutie! how do you stand it?