Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anna's next plan.

Tonight we were reading "Muldoon," a really funny book about a dog and the family that chose him from "a lot of other applicants." Anna likes to interrupt during many stories to tell me about some plans that she is making, usually pertaining to whatever we are reading about (and sometimes not). Tonight, this was her plan:
Anna: Mommy, when I get a dog this other day, I'm gonna take it to the park too!
Me: I don't think you'll be getting a dog any time soon.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because I would be the person that would have to take care of the dog, and I already have two little rugrat kids need me to take care of them. So I don't need more things like that to worry about.
Anna: Yeah, but you could put Grey back in your belly then you could be me a puppy!
Me: How do you suppose that will work?
Anna: You can just break your belly open and put him back in.

(unrelated pics for fun. she's looking in the mirror.)

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