Friday, August 21, 2009

Who is THAT kid?

Yeah, it's been like a month since the last blog... whatever. We're still here.
I was strolling thru the ol' hard drive and was looking at some shots of Grey for almost a year ago...and even some of his newborn pictures. It's so funny how completely different he looks. I don't think I would have ever imagined he'd look the way he does now back when I looked at him as a newborn. But they just change so much. I'd like to do a succession of shots of Grey soon, but not now. I'll do it soon, though. And if you haven't seen him in person recently, his hair is the best.

It's also funny to see the typical characteristics of birth order in our family. Anna. The typical girl with all her dresses, shoes, princess books and movies, babies, and jewelry. Anna is the absolute perfectionist and people pleaser. Not really a good thing to be as an adult. But she's also in control. Not overwhelmingly in control. She just knows what's up. She's the best.

Grey. The boy that if you give him a car, any kind of car, he's happy for days. Or some dirt and a shovel. That's all he needs. If he does something that seems to be funny to anyone, he goes back and does it again...and again...and again. It doesn't even matter if it hurts him, if he can get a laugh, he's there. And he's hilarious. Just ask him to dance for you. So he's the clown. Typical. And awesome.

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Lindsey said...

Yeah, I want to see new pictures...but I get to see the real version soon!