Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day

We got between 4 and 5 inches of snow yesterday. I didn't get Anna out in it to play until this morning. I knew the snow would stick around since they predicted another very cold day today. So we waited until the sun came that made a difference in the temperature. It was still very cold. I think in the mid 20s when these pictures were taken. Anna's first time to play in snow. I believe the last time she saw it was when she was only a weeks old, so needless to day, she could cared less. This time was definitely different. She ran right for the snow as soon as I put her down and of course fell face first into a small drift. She jumped back up, started digging, eating, and throwing the snow. It was great. She, of course, then headed for her slide thing that was covered in snow. She attempted to climb up the side, but the zip-lock bags I had rubber banded around her ankles to keep her feet dry caused the climbing to be rather difficult. The fun didn't last long. She finally figured it out. She also didn't really have a water-proof wardrobe so her sweatpants were instantly wet or had snow caked all over them. We lasted as long as we could out there. About until the battery on the video camera died and I had exhausted my angles for pictures.


Theresa, Chris and Aidan said...

So much fun!!! Poor Aidan won't be able to experience "playing in snow" unless we take him elsewhere to it. So sad. We sure do miss it.

Julie said...

I did enjoy Anna's clevage shot from your previous post:) she IS a climber!! Looks like she had a great time in the snow. We are taking Bailey with us when we go skiing next month. I got him a snow suit and everything...I hope he likes the snow!