Thursday, March 05, 2009

One year checkup.

We went to see the doctor this morning.  I told Anna yesterday that I'd need her to help me when we go to the doctor.  She said "NO, but I LOVE him!!"  ...meaning that she didn't want Grey to get any shots and be upset.  They really are best friends.  
We finally got out of the house this morning at a decent time to get to the doctor before!! the appointment.  Grey did well.  He weighed 24.5 lbs and was 30" long/tall.  He's a big kid...but not huge.  Anna did very well about not being shy with the doctor.   I have to warn her about not being shy to people she's not very familiar with, and remind her who her "friends" are.  She is going through a shy phase again.  I think she is really intregued by doctors and what they have to say.  She always points out her two favorite doctors' offices when we drive by them.  The doc asked her lots of questions and she of course told him all the wrong answers.

Doc: Anna, do you sleep in your own bed or in mommy and daddy's?
Anna: In Mommy and Daddy's.  (NOT true, ever)
Doc: Did you eat breakfast this morning?
Anna: Yep, I had my pizza, (NOT true, she had chocolate milk and nothing to eat)
Doc: Do you try to pick up your brother?
Anna: Yep, I do. (no she doesn't, he's almost as big as she is)

We found out that Anna, with her week long fever, actually had the Type B strain of the flu.  Thanks Daddy for sharing it with all of us.  But it was bound to happen.  I don't think I have it, but my head and throat have been sort of hurting.  Not at all bad.  Grey got six shots and we were outta there.  

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