Monday, March 02, 2009

"You can share my money!"

We went to exchange some things at the mall today.  Anna LOVES to go to thru the car wash and asked once again if we could go.  She also has become quite the lazy speaker, meaning that she decides to omit some letters in words and we've been working that lately.  I told her the other day that if she called me "Moh-ey" instead of "Mommy", I wouldn't answer her until she said my name correctly.  Here's how the conversation went today in the car.
Anna: Moh-ey...  Moh-ey...  MOM-MY.
Me: What is it?
Anna: You're car is SO dirty.
Me: Yes, I know.
Anna: You nee' to take it to the car wash.
Me: We neeD to?  Well, if you hadn't had insisted that we eat chicken at the mall, then maybe I'd have some money to take the car to the car wash.  But I don't have any more.
Anna: You ran oudda money?
Me: Yep.  I ran ouT OF money.  Can you say "ouT" with a "T" at the end?
Anna: OUT? Tuh, Tuh......   Moh-ey...  Moh-ey...  MOM-MY.
Me: Huh.
Anna: You can share some of my money from my sock.  I can give you some so you can take the car to the car wash!  Tha's a good idea!  I have lots.
Me: ThaT's a great idea!  But we'd have to go home and get your sock purse, and since Grey is already asleep, maybe we should just put him to bed.
Anna: Oh.  But you can SHARE my money with me!
Me: Thanks Anna. 

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