Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shoes make a girl happy.

This girl, probably like many other kiddos, LOVES her shoes. Any time of the day, when she spots a pair of her shoes lying around she hurries over to them, picks them up, and hurries back to me squealing "shoes!!" or "boots!!" (depending on which pair she got). Obviously it doesn't matter what she's wearing at the time, she just wants to wear them, and now! It's pretty funny. The other day she wore her furry boots over her footed pjs for most of the morning. And today it was just a long sleeve onesie and her tennis shoes.
She also has figured out that you can lock the front door and turn the knob to open it. She's not quite strong enough to actually pull it open when it's completely closed, but she knows how as soon as she's got some more muscles.

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