Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slackerville: Population 1

Yeah, I know... Everyone has been getting on to me about not posting anything on the blog in forever. Sorry! I don't really have an excuse. AND I was all bragging about my camera on the last few and still have yet to take very many pictures of Anna with it. It's just been so dang cold outside. I like taking pictures outside. They seem to turn out better.

Yesterday we did get outside for a little while. At around 4:30 (estimated temperature outside about 30 degrees) Anna got a serious case of cabin fever. So I bundled her up with her puffy coat, mittens, hat, and about three blankets and we headed for the wagon. The tires were a little flat, but they were still inflated enough to go for a walk. Off we went, through the neighborhood, the ice, past the barking dogs, and the drivers on our streets that seemed to look at us like "Man, I'm sure glad I'm in my warm car!" I, of course, worried more that Anna would be too cold, didn't think about bundling myself up much and only put on a scarf and a sweater. Obviously I froze! But, Anna was happy. Every time I looked back to make sure she hadn't bailed out along the way, she had a huge grin on her face...her icy nose and red cheeks didn't bother her. This weekend they have predicted another winter storm. They say it'll be the worst on in six years. Or at least the most snow since then. I bet Anna will need some fresh air then as well. I'll remember to put on my coat this time.

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