Sunday, January 28, 2007

Some Fresh Air.

Anna and I went on another ride in the ATW (All Terrain Wagon!) just before sunset. I normally just pull her around the neighborhood. She did her usuals which included pointing at and saying "geesth" (geese) and "ducks" as they flew back and forth from the lake by our house. She also would talk back to them. Her "quack" noise is pretty impressive. Ha! I didn't teach it to her, she just imitates well. She would bark at the dogs and also shush them while putting her finger over her lips. Pretty funny. She would even blow into her fists like I would to warm up her hands. She thinks that's a pretty neat trick. We both got some much needed fresh air. The mall didn't have enough of it today when I went...BY MYSELF! YAY! Ha!

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