Monday, May 07, 2007


Anna and her cousins went to see some baby goats last week. Another bittersweet reunion for the family as our grandmother passed away and everyone came in for the funeral. Since there were some great people at the church, Anna didn't have to sit through the service...(that probably would have been impossible anyway!). She got to play in the nursery with one of her cousins. She had a great time. She mostly ran around behind all the other older kiddos and tried to keep up. She needed to be part of the all the action. The closest one in age to her is four so she had lots of catching up to do. And later that day we all loaded up to go into town to see some baby goats. We got there just in time to feed them their milk. Anna just watched as the others held the bottles. She didn't seem scared by them at all. She just called them "puppies" a couple of times and after we cleared that one up, she just followed them around and said "goat!" with a major stress on the "T". Funny... she got right up in one's face and said "BAAA!".


Julie said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Unfortunately, it seems like it takes a sad time to get the whole family together!

The "quads" blog is amusing! I don't know her personally, but she went to college with my cousin. I wish I could eat like she is required to:)

Theresa, Chris and Aidan said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother - these times are just so sad. I am glad that you guys were able to go out and do something fun with Anna though. Life keeps on going, huh? The pictures are great - what a cutie! I hope we can meet her someday.